Every Real Estate professional will tell you that the importance of a home inspection prior to submitting a purchase offer cannot be overstated. You may be wondering why that is, well we'll discuss why the home inspection, though not required in Maryland is so important, what to expect, and how you can best avoid any major surprises when it comes to the condition of your future home. 


A Maryland home inspection is a vital part of the home-buying process. It's your first chance to look around the house and assess for yourself what you're getting into in terms of its condition. It's your chance to inspect the property for any problems so you can work out a deal with the seller regarding who pays to rectify them.


A Maryland home inspection will provide you a list of faults to negotiate with the seller to repair or the possibility of a catastrophic event that could be on the horizon for the property that will allow you to back out of the agreement. The inspection report provides a detailed report to the homebuyer, similar to a new manual, with maintenance advice and schedules to follow.


It is expected that your real estate agent be present at the home inspection, in some cases, the seller's agent will also be present at the property inspection. 


Upon completion of the home inspection, you can expect the inspector to go through the home's systems with you and give you some maintenance advice. The inspector will write the final reports, which will include photographs, but being present on the day of the inspection will be quite beneficial since he will be able to physically explain the problem to you.


Common areas pricey issues are found


During the inspection be sure that the inspector included the areas listed below in his report confirming that they were indeed inspected if any of these areas are not included it's important to ask why as these areas are the places where the most expensive issues will be hiding. These home locations are as follows; Foundation, Plumbing, Roof, Land the house sits on, Basement, Exterior, and Attic.


Other areas that are important to inspect (Links to sites that explain exactly what to look for) 


Something that can be very helpful is to create a property inspection checklist based on all the common areas of issue mentioned in this article to ensure the inspector has inspected all these areas. 


Ensuring House is up to Code 


You should also have the home inspectors examine to see if the house is up to code, especially if it is pretty old. Maryland's older residences were built according to the current building code of the time. A property may have been subjected to several changes and renovations over the years, posing a significant risk that it is no longer up to code. Fixing up a home so that it gets up to code is likely going to be an expensive endeavor so it's essential to ensure that is the home not up to code to uncover this before purchase so that negotiations can be made with the seller. 


A Scary Thought


It's a scary thought that the home you buy and invest so much into may not be as advertised when you move in and problems start happening as time goes by. Failure to get a home inspection with a reliable professional can quickly turn your dream home into a nightmare. Luckily you now have the knowledge of what to look for during a home inspection and with K2 Home Group our agents have the experience needed to ensure a thorough inspection and the network of licensed home inspectors we can recommend to every buyer's individual situation. Contact us now to get the conversation going, our agents are eager to answer any of your questions.