Jessica Altizer

Jessica Head Shot

K2 Home Group of Realty Plus Associates

350 Granary Rd. #2 Forest Hill, MD 21050

Jessica Altizer has one of the most important jobs at the K2 Home Group of Keller Williams Gateway—supporting all areas of operations for the team, keeping the momentum going, always being available to give information or find answers for customers. She first started assisting Lisa as well as other realtors/teams in the late 1990s where she helped out with marketing and taking tasks off of their plate allowing them more time to go out and find new business.  This is where she began learning the home buying/selling process, and found she wanted to be more involved with the customer care aspect, and assisting clients needs on a more personal level. This was right up her alley since she has always had a love of meeting new people from all walks of life. During these years she handled hundreds of real estate transactions and developed many friendships she still has to this day. She also got into real estate investing, buying an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach South Carolina as her first property, and ended up buying and selling several more after that here in the Baltimore area.  In 2011 Jessica received an offer she could not pass up working in property management where she learned about leasing and managing an apartment complex. While she truly enjoyed working in this field of real estate, Jessica found she really missed working with people and helping them achieve their goals of home ownership. So in 2016 when Lisa came to her about starting K2 Home Group and asked if she wanted to join her in her new venture Jessica went for it. After returning to work with Lisa she jumped back into helping many of the same clients she helped years earlier. Her experience with all aspects of buying, managing, and selling investment property helps her give superior service to K2 Home Group clients. She enjoys helping people work through challenging situations, finding solutions, and making the process as smooth and memorable as possible. The most important thing she brings to customers is her ability to stay calm during stressful situations helping give peace of mind to our clients. Her main goal is to help customers feel like they made the right choice in working with her team. The positivity and motivation of the team members are what Jessica enjoys most about working with K2 Home Group. Jessica was born and raised in the Baltimore City but always a country girl at heart.  She enjoys camping, hiking, bonfires, and taking walks on the bike trail with her dog Jax. Animals and veterans hold a special place in her heart and tries to give back as much as she can by donating supplies to local dog shelters and raising money doing fundraisers and raffles at local VFW’S and American Legion’s. Her favorite time of year is Fall when football season starts! She has a few superstitious rules, one being not ever washing her lucky jersey she wears for those crucial games. Jessica is adventurous, and loves to travel. Some of her favorite memories were flying over an active volcano, and swimming with a group of wild dolphins. Her proudest moment was pushing past her fear of heights and jumping a 40 ft cliff at Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica.